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Most IT managers have done 70%
of their research online before
choosing a product and or service
in todays marketplace?

We are providing Internet
research tools so you can
do just that!

If we do need to contact you
for a quote we only use
qualified veteran consultants
and or engineers.

About Buildinglit.com

BuildingLit.com was built by industry professionals who have a culmination of decades of experience in the telecom, data center, and high speed Internet market place. it is our goal to provide the most relevant and updated data when it comes to your search and research for the best Internet providers at the buildings you wish to connect. Why the term building lit? Because in the telecom industry that is what we say when we are looking for the best and most reliable providers at a building with the least amount of hops between your routers and your carrier.

When a building is lit going with that provider means many times getting the best price because there are less middle men increasing margin, and also quicker response and resoution time because On-Net or "Lit" building providers are responsible and own their fiber or Internet circuits that are delivered to that building. That is why it is important in your research for your Internet provider that you find out who is On Net at that building and if your building is in fact lit.

Buildinglit.com is intended for commercial business small to mid or even enterprise sized organizations. Though you can actually see who is available on the residential side many times it is not for that intended purpose.

So whether your office is planning a move or your carrier contracts are simply coming up for renewal. Our friendly staff of broker agents is ready to assist you. Our seemless tools for quote and contract management make it not only easy to do the research today, but to keep your contracts and quotes in order now and into the future to continually renew and get the best bandwidth service and price.

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